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Everybody needs to get around, no matter what kind of credit you have. If you have bad credit or no credit, you still don’t need to worry. We’ll help match you with a lender and a financing program for the car you want, regardless of past or current credit issues.

No Down Payment

Fast approval to get into the car you want

Low Financing Rates

Get a loan from 3.9% interest

Custom Vehicle Selection

We’ll help you find the perfect car in our inventory

Situations We Can Help With

Does this sound like you? You might not think you can get financing, but we can help.

  • * Your SIN begins with 9 (eg. you’re new to Canada)
  • * Cash income you cannot prove (eg. restaurant waitress)
  • * Bankruptcy’, (current and past, and those deemed annulment or defaulted)
  • * Repossessions (current and past)
  • * Low Income (part-time work, or low hourly rates)
  • * AISH program (assured income for the severely handicapped)
  • * Maternity leave
  • * Child Tax And Child Support
  • * Students
  • * Short work history
  • * No job
  • * Temporary work permits (We can finance you for the term of your stay)

What’s Next?

Getting a loan is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Apply online
2. Discuss options and get approved by our team
3. Choose a car and get ready to drive!

If you’re not ready to apply yet, you can explore the numbers yourself with our online payment calculator tool.